Q: How much does a VanJets Trip cost?

A: VanJets trips are $95/hour, whether you have 1 passenger or you are traveling with coworkers! Traveling with other employees can bring your cost down quite a bit, as you are sharing the cost. 


 Q: What will the VanJets experience be like? 

A: Your chauffeur will arrive at your home or office at whatever time you choose. He will welcome you into your private cabin where you can stretch out, get some work done, take a nap, or stream your favorite movie on the 4K television. You can contact the driver at anytime on your trip through the intercom. Your chauffeur will take you to as many stops as needed for your work day, including restroom breaks or restaurants. You can leave the window shades open or pull them down if you prefer a darker cabin. 

Q: Are your chauffeurs experienced? 

A: Our chauffeurs each have over 10 years experience of being professional chauffeurs. They are polite, trustworthy, and will exceed your expectations. We trust them with ourselves and our own families. They are committed to excellent service. Criminal background checks and drivers records are regularly checked. 

Q: Sometimes meetings get cancelled. What is your cancellation policy? 

A: VanJets requires a 48 hour notice of cancellation. Otherwise, you will not receive your $200 deposit back. 

Q: Is tip included in the VanJets cost? 

A: Yes!


Q: Do I need to estimate the amount of hours for my trip? 

A: There is a 6 hour minimum. You will be charged for actual hours used. Please include in the notes how long you expect your trip to last.  

Q: Can I use a VanJets if I am hopping to meetings around Austin? 

A: VanJets trips can just be in Austin! You may have multiple meetings throughout the day or need to load up your employees or clients for a tour of the town. There is a 6 hour minimum. 

Q: How many people can fit in a VanJets? 

A: A maximum of 7 passengers fit in the cabin. If there is an 8th passenger, they can ride in front with the driver. 

Q: Can I book a winery tour or night out in a VanJets? 

A: No. VanJets are not used for these purposes. We focus on business travel only so that we can serve these clients best. 

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